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Northfield distributes its products through a nationwide network of contracted wholesale general agents, primarily on a non-admitted basis.  With the ability to write over 1,500 different classes of business, Northfield provides its general agents with the underwriting authority to help get the business bound.  These wholesale general agents provide Northfield with a local presence, along with an in-depth knowledge of regional and regulatory issues while underwriting and issuing policies on our behalf.

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Northfield does not make direct appointments with retail agents/brokers.  To access our products and services, you must go through one of our general agents with authority in your state.

Travelers incentive

For Travelers retail agents/brokers, volume that you place through a Northfield general agent may contribute to your Travelers Incentive Program.  Submit your policies placed with Northfield to be considered.

Become a Northfield general agent

If you are a general agent who would be interested in an appointment with Northfield, we look for someone with the following...

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