Types of business

Northfield provides insurance solutions for risks that fall into the surplus lines marketplace.  We have the ability to write thousands of different classes of business and have the underwriting appetite to help you get the business bound.  The following is a small sampling of some of the segments we are able to write:

Adult DaycareAdult Daycare

Adult day care – Coverage for those in the business of caring

Sometimes we cannot be there for our aging loved ones, due to work, school or daily life. When this happens, it’s comforting to know that there are others who can lend a hand. If your customers are in the business of caring, they can rest assured that their insurer will be there for them.

Artisan / Trade ContractorsArtisan / Trade Contractors

Artisan/Trade contractors – Building better coverage

For many small- to medium-sized contractors, their trade is their passion. These men and women love working with their hands while building things to last. They can be residential or commercial, and can include carpenters, electricians, plumbers, masons, painters and other trades. Making sure their work is straight, level or plumb is their job. Making sure they have the comprehensive insurance coverages to protect them is ours.

Child Daycare CentersChild Daycare Centers

Child day care centers – Big coverage for those who care for little ones

The people who care for little ones take on a great deal of responsibility when these children are in their charge. Regardless of how conscientious they may be, accidents can happen. When they do, your customers need an insurer who cares for them as much as they care for the children in their charge. Whether your customers operate an in-home day care facility, preschool, Montessori, latch-key program or nursery school, we can help you provide them with the ease of mind they deserve.


Habitational – One size does not fit all

Habitational risks come in all shapes and sizes from apartments, whether they’re multi-level or garden style, to condominiums, single-family rental dwellings, to student housing and more. Because there is such a broad array of habitational classes, it is important that you have a knowledgeable and experienced market to provide your customers the protection they need.


Manufacturing – Build it, and they will come

Northfield is your market for low-to-moderate hazard manufacturing risks.  We wish to avoid manufacturing processes and the finished product that have potential pollution exposure.  We wish to avoid risks which require extensive loss control services, generally present hazardous exposures, which have inherent frequency or severity issues, operations which have exposures so hazardous that effective controls are unlikely, or accounts with products which are considered "long-tail" exposures.

Residential Home BuildersResidential Home Builders

Residential home builders – Protecting the builders of dreams

Residential home builders offer custom homes to suit the needs of their clients. Likewise, we are a market that is able to offer customized protection to those builders so that they can continue to build their business. Residential contractors include, but are not limited to, general contractors and artisan/trade contractors such as carpenters, plumbers, electrical, etc. We provide coverage for new construction or remodeling, projects up to 14 single-family homes/units and has receipts up to $3 million.

Restaurant / Bars / TavernsRestaurant / Bars / Taverns

Restaurant/Bars/Taverns – Refreshing and tasteful coverage

We can provide comprehensive coverages for an array of businesses, including neighborhood taverns, white-cloth restaurants, local eateries, bars with entertainment, café houses, cafeterias and seasonal businesses. Keep your customers focused on running their business by helping ensure they have the “right ingredients” for their insurance coverage.

Roofing ContractorsRoofing Contractors

Roofing contractors – Helping them stay on top of their business

When people want to get out of the elements, they seek shelter with a good roof over their heads. The contractors providing cover for us also need shelter that covers them and their businesses from risks associated with their job. We are an insurer that understands the challenges and risks your customers are exposed to, and can provide coverage that keeps them protected and dry.

Shelters / Rehabilitation HousingShelters / Rehabilitation Housing

Shelters/Rehabilitation housing – Protection for those helping others

Across the country there is a growing need for facilities that house, protect and/or work with individuals with limited means and options.  These facilities include battered women’s shelters, homes or sheltered workshops for the mentally or physically challenged, occupational or physical rehabilitation outpatient centers, abused-children shelters, criminal-release programs (non-violent), boys homes, orphanages and teen runaway shelters. The risks are unique and so are the coverages they need.

Special EventsSpecial Events

Special events – Special coverage for special events

There are many short-term events taking place throughout the seasons. These events include: art and craft shows, auctions, auto shows, boat shows, exhibitions, fund raisers, ice cream socials, meetings (conventions), picnics, social gatherings, community carnivals, concerts, Easter egg hunts, festivals, parades, reunions, Santa sleigh visits, street dances and wedding receptions. The nature and duration of special events requires an insurer with the experience to help keep these events special.

Vacant BuildingVacant Building

Vacant building/vacant land – Don't leave their coverage vacant as well

Vacant land includes land with no development, no existing building, no events held on the property and no operations being conducted, contemplated or completed on the land.  Likewise, vacant buildings include any unoccupied structures, such as newly completed or recently vacated buildings where an entity has moved or gone out of business. Either way, your customers need comprehensive coverage for both general liability and property for their unoccupied assets.